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How to choose optional subject for UPSC IAS mains exam?

How to choose best optional subject? Which subject is scoring?...These are the common questions which I receive through email and during my i3 workshops.

Selecting right optional subject is an important step in your preparation. How do you go about selecting the right optional? Many aspirants say that they have selected a particular optional because it is scoring. This is perhaps the biggest myth surrounding the Civil Services exam.

When you think that an optional is scoring you are probably you are looking at the high scores some of the aspirants have got in that optional. You must ask yourself if the optional subject would be scoring for you.

You can follow these steps while choosing optional subject:
1. Check your interest in the subject.
2. Refer the syllabus and previous years question papers.
3. Check your aptitude and consider your educational background.
4. Check the availability of study material, books and guidance.

Then take a careful decision on optional subject which will work for you. Often a wrong choice can waste your attempt and some valuable years of your life without any outcome. You can attend professional guidance program like Career Quest 'i3 guidance workshop' before starting your IAS preparation. Do not copy strategy of IAS Toppers. Make your own success strategy with suggestions from experts and successful candidates.

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Anonymous said...

Very useful information.First confusion which all IAS aspirant face is the same. Definitely,these guidelines will help them.IAS Preparation will start in right way only after taking this decision.

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