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CPF Interview/Personality Test Questions

These are the questions asked by UPSC board in CPF interview/ personality test exam to the student of Career Quest. Career Quest provides best coaching for all interviews including CPF. Contact numbers are 09811 29 9811 and 09990840999.

1. What is your name, roll number and date of birth.
2. What is the meaning of your name? (Details about the name asked)
3. What is insurgency problem? Where?
4. What is participatory management?
5. How you can use your knowledge of Computer Science in CPF?
6. What is Wi-Fi? How it works?
7. Blood pressure?
8. What is phishing?
9. What is Firewall?
10. Hindi should be made national language. Favour and Against statements.
11. E security
12. You are with group, insurgents comes, what you will do? How you will handle?
13. You are on border. You know about the attack. You know the enemy. How you will handle?
14. What is scientific research?
15. Are you a good leader?
16. What is food security? Your relation to it?
(Source: Career Quest Institute for Interview Training. Phone: 09811 29 9811).
Career Quest is the trusted institute for perfect preparation. CQ prepares your personality for CPF interview without harming your originality. CQ gives personal attention to each candidate. Sanjeev Kabeer sir takes interview classes at Career Quest only.
Press Note given by UPSC on their website is given below for your information
The Union Public Service Commission will be conducting Interviews/ Personality Tests
for Central Police Forces (Assistant Commandants) Examination, 2010 from 16.08.2011 to
16.09.2011 in the Commission’s Office at New Delhi. Summon letters for PT/Interview to all
the eligible candidates are being issued. If any candidate has not received summon letter for
PT/Interview, he/she may contact on Tel. No. 011-23386281 or can send message on Fax No.
011-23387310. He/ she may contact UPSC Facilitation Counter near Gate ‘C’ of its campus in
person or over Telephone Nos. 011-23385271/ 011-23381125/ 011-23098543 on all working
days between 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs. The schedule of Interviews/ Personality Tests will also be
available on Union Public Service Commission Website at http://www.upsc.gov.in

1. The Personality Test / Interview for the candidates for Central Police Forces (Assistant) Commandants) Examination 2010 has been scheduled from 16 th August to 16th September 2011.
2. The individual candidates are being informed by Summon Letters at their respective addresses.
3. The time for reporting in the Forenoon Session is 0900 Hrs. and for the Afternoon Session is 1315 Hrs.

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