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THE HINDU REPORT : Another change in the IAS exam! (?)

CAREER QUEST EXPERT VIEW : Candidates should not get worried with the various news published in media about changes in IAS exam. What we believe is UPSC will give you enough time to get prepared yourself for the exam as per new changes. So now strategy should be focus on the present pattern and do not worry for the change. Do not postpone your preparation plan, otherwise you may waste your valuable time. Get fully involved in your studies and stay cool and calm. Wait for the UPSC official guidelines. Do not disturb your present timetable. Career Quest will come up with the new strategy after the UPSC official announcement about the changes if any.  

NEWS PUBLISHED IN THE HINDU: Before you gear up for the IAS 2012, here is an important information for you – another change in the IAS exam (main examination) is likely to be introduced sooner than we expect. After the marathon meeting with experts, UPSC has almost designed a broader framework of GS Main exam that will replace the optional subjects. 

However, this is not a new information, as last year only, it was deliberated by the officials to replace optional subjects from main examination very soon. What is new is its timing. The expected decision is based on the Alagh Committee Report. 

The relevant portion of the Report goes like this- "The present testing of optional subjects is based on College/University curriculum. Re-examining the candidates in their own subjects appears to have a doubtful utility. The universities have already done the work and retesting, possibly even at a lower level that what candidates have completed earlier, appears to be unnecessary. 

What is important is the relevance of a subject to the job requirements of a Civil Servant, especially in the changing scenario."  In this regard what is to be done? Large count of students ask - Should we go for PT first or do we need to devise an integrated preparation? Preliminary test (PT) is little bit unpredictable because of its vastness. CSAT confirms it. But understanding of the trend can be of some help in the changing scenario. For that you need to go through previous years' questions again-and-again and try to understand why UPSC asks questions of current development. 

 The aim of prelims is to test candidates' range of information. Configuration of questions has been changed in the last few years. However, previous years' questions will give you clear idea about the formation of questions. You need to give up the traditional approach in order to accept fresh challenges. More time should be devoted to GS. General Studies is as vast as an ocean. It cannot be measured merely on the basis of topics or sections.

Anything that exists in the universe can be a part of General Studies, especially if that is in the news. Aspirants, those who are taking Civil Services Examination must be aware of this fact. Its Vastness often leads to directionless preparation. But understanding of the trend helps in carving proper focus.

To tame the dreaded demon of GS, candidates must, first of all, select important areas and then go for extensive study. Reason behind this argument is the vastness of the syllabus and changing configuration of questions. Even CSAT is nothing but an extension of General Studies. Don't try to read it in isolation. It always gives a shock. Result of this year PT exam is the latest example. 
(by Manoj K Jha) source The Hindu daily newspaper date September 28, 2011

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