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IAS PRELIMS : How to prepare CSAT in 50 days?

Dear aspirants!
Now the question is how to prepare for this year's IAS prelims exam which is popularly known as CSAT? To get the answer to this question, firstly you have to count the exact remaining days for your examination. Then also check how much time you can devote for the study.

Here we have given a strategy and tips provided by Sanjeev Kabeer sir (Director Career Quest IAS Academy, Delhi) to prepare yourself for IAS prelims in 50 days. 

* The strategy will be different for every candidate as per the level of preparation and availability of time. Though it is very hard to prepare for IAS prelims in just 50 days for a new candidate without any previous preparation like newspaper reading, basic books reading.
* But given the generalised nature of the exam, one can think about cracking this hard nut in just 50 days with dedicated plan and exact material.

Strategy for GS PAPER :

* Analyse the previous year's question papers to get the idea about the question pattern.

* Solve at least 50 MCQs daily within time limit.

* Do smart study, find out the important area with help of question papers and prepare them from standard books like NCERT, Govt Websites, www.iasarticles.blogspot.com etc.

* Refer any good competitive exam magazine or current event update book, India Year Book, Manorama Year Book, GK Book, Career Quest IAS Study Kit, Economic Survey etc.

* Have a proper revision plan once in a week like Sunday.

* Avoid outings like cinemas, parties, tour, weddings etc.

* Focus on self preparation with some limited interaction with serious candidates.

* Do not take wrong material. Now a days many  software companies are here in the market and they are trying to sell their notes, kits, micro notes for IAS without expertise in the field. Some are also offering money back guarantee! It is not the serious preparation. They will give you your money back, but what about the attempts and time? Both are limited. Be wise in selection of the study material. Ensure that the institute or any website or any company which is offering study material for IAS is backed up with successful mentor who has proved his expertise in the field. 

* Do not depend only on coaching class notes. Read some supplementary material also as mentioned above.

* Questions in prelims are of general interest. Be curious and alert about the development around you. Questions will be based on these events only.

* Take equal interest in all the field like environment, science, politics, judiciary, history, economy, geography, society etc.

Strategy for CSAT PAPER :

* Analyse the previous year's question papers to get the idea about the question pattern. This paper is new but mental ability is old part. So prepare in detail.

* For English preparation try to solve similar questions from various sources. Understand the usage of English language.

* Practice to develop fast reading ability.

* Get the maths formulas from  any school books. Then practice it from any good question bank available in the market.

* Use your common sense to judge the question and think the answer.

Tips to crack CSAT:

* Practice more MCQ type questions of UPSC standard.

* Read minimum books, avoid wrong material, revise on a regular basis like weekly revision.

* In a negative marking pattern do not try to solve all the questions. Focus on solving questions correctly. If you are not sure, leave it.

* If you reading English version of the question paper, if required see Hindi version also for better understanding. 

* Do not depend on the other candidate for preparation. Self help is the best way! If possible help others.

* Be confident! Be healthy! Be focused! Success is yours....


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