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How to solve multiple-choice questions (MCQs)?

Multiple-choice questions are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the course material within a specific format.
Multiple-choice questions used on the national level exams like IAS consist of two parts:
  1. A question
  2. A series of four optional answers, which consist of three incorrect answers and one correct answer.
How to answer multiple-choice questions (MCQs)?
Here are some important tips for students:
  • Mark the answers of the questions you know first. Once you are done, come back to the ones you aren’t sure about.
  • Check your question paper and answer sheet. Before submission ensure that you have not missed any questions.
  • Use the process of elimination. Eliminate the obviously incorrect alternatives by crossing them off so they should not confuse you.
  • Don’t change your answers frequently. Experts has shown that your first choice is often the correct one, so unless you’re absolutely sure you have made a mistake, go with your first instinct.
  • Read the entire question and every answer option.
  • Read each question as though it were a true or false question, and choose the “true” answer.
  • If you're debating between two similar answers, try identifying which is the worse answer, rather than which is the better one. Looking at the question from a different perspective can sometimes help clarify the underlying purpose of the question.
  • When you are solving multiple-choice questions, remember that the answer is always in front of you below the question!

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