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CPF Topper's Interview : Prashant Singh, Rank 126, Assistant Commandant, CRPF

Prashant Singh got selected in CPF exam conducted by UPSC in 2012-13 as Assistant Commandant. His first choice was CRPF which most of the candidates as their last choice. Prashant got CRPF. He wants to do constructive work for the society through this challenging service of Para Military. 
IAS Planner blog wishes him a great career ahead! Reading his interview will be motivating for the aspirants.

Assistant Commandant, CRPF.
* Exam – CAPF AC EXAM- 2011, Rank -126
* Age -28
* City - LUCKNOW
Schooling (Medium) -English
Graduation /PG including name of colleges-BA/LLB (HONS) from National University of Juridical Sciences Kolkata, LL.M from Amity International University Uttar Pradesh  
Are you a working professional? - No.
Details of other competitive exams that you appeared in- Appearing in Civil Services Examination 2013.
Hobbies, Extra Curricular Activities, Achievements etc.- Reading Newspaper and Magazines, Sports and Fitness, watching Movies.
Do you have any NCC ‘B’ or ‘C’ Certificates? - No

Q. Tell us something about yourself. Who motivated you to enter in the competitive exam field?
I was motivated for competitive examination by my family, especially my Father who has been an IPS officer. He retired from service in 2010.

Q. List of the books you referred for success?
Honestly speaking, I did not strictly prepare for CAPF Exam. I was preparing for Civil Services Exam, and I appeared in this exam and got selected. There are a few books for preparation in the market.

Q. Tips for success in the CPF written exam?
Be honest with your answers, try and be relaxed. They are very professional people and you need to answer to the point to their questions.

Q. How did you prepare for the essay? 
No specific preparation. I regularly read the news paper and wrote down the brief understanding of the editorial.

Q. During the preparation, every aspirant goes through emotional ups and downs. So, how did you manage the motivation, your time during preparation? 
Kept preparing without much thinking about the result. Channelized my energies with help of Yoga, running and exercise.

Q. How many hours do you study per day? How many months/years?
Not fixed. I think that a time frame cannot be set for competitive preparation. You need to focus on the goal and keep working. Sometime success comes early, sometime its delayed. But everyone has to put in the hard work and some point of time in their lives.

Q. To pass Physical Efficiency Tests (PET), what preparation did you do at home? Give some tips to the aspirants.
Regular running for a month along with a check on your body weight is very important. It was not a worry for me because I regularly went for running and exercise, even when I didn’t have to appear for PET. Practice for one month keeping a check on the timings also.

Q. What is your experience of CPF interview at UPSC? 
The interview was good. Went on for 30-35 minutes. They asked questions from my DAF, and some subject based questions. Be very well versed with your DAF.

Q. Which questions UPSC asked? How you answered? Any mistake done?

Interview Held on 26-09-2012. Venue- UPSC- Dholpur House
Tme- Morning- 9am to 1pm Board- Prof. Purushottam Agarwal
Duration – 30 minutes.
1. Please come in Prashant, please have a seat.
2.So u have done NCC? Have you submitted the NCC Certificate?
3.What is your service preference?
4.Your hobby is watching movies? Have you watched Gangs of Wasseypur (both parts)
5.Briefly state the positives and negatives of the movies.
6.Do you feel that muslim community has been depicted in very poor light in the film?
7.What magazines do you read? In English or Hindi?
8.Are you aware of an incident which happened in your school Calcutta branch (La- Martiniere Boys)
9.Why do you wish to join CRPF?
10. Are you aware of the problems being faced by CRPF?
11.How will you be able to address them?
12.What is the issue regarding the deployment of Army in Naxalite area?
13.What is Armed Forces Special Powers Act?
14.What is a disturbed area?
15.Name a place in Lucknow which was the centre of action during the Revolt of 1857.
16.What is your philosophy of leadership, and how would you use it on the ground with your men.
17.Questions on US Presidential Elections, the candidates and their parties.
18.What is Corporate Social Responsibility?  And what percentage is used by Corporate, and whether it should be increased?
19.What is Corporate Governance?
20.Which agency in India ensures the implementation of Corporate Governance?
21.Why don’t common people feel very comfortable in approaching the Courts?
22.What is Minor Mischief?
23.Why LL.M? What is the area of specialisation?
24.Are you preparing for Civil Services also?
25.Why CPF and not Laywer?

Q. Tips for the aspirants for interview preparation. Do you suggest coaching?
Read newspaper  regularly. Yes I will suggest to join Career Quest which I joined for my interview. 

Q. What was your service preference order and why did you pick up the particular order?
CRPF, BSF, SSB, ITBP, CISF. CRPF was first choice because of the diverse nature of policing which it carries out. The others are very work specific and location specific forces.

Q. If you were not selected, what was your career backup plan (plan B) ?
Firstly, once I made it in the written exam, I knew I would make it to the final list. Or I would have attempted again, along with the IAS Exam.  I am a law graduate and could have taken up that as a parallel option.

Q. What you learned during competitive exam preparation?
I have learnt that competitive exam is all about patience, hard work, honesty and a very positive approach. It has taught me to remain balanced, calm and a better human being.

Q. Who supported you to achieve this success?
God, My family, friends and teachers.

Q. Any other thing you want to share with candidates?
Aim very high in life and then make every effort to achieve it. Commit without thinking of quitting. All the Best!


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it's a detailed application form . you get to fill it once you have cleared the written exam

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