IB ACIO Interview 2021



Interview date : 21st june 2012 
Session : Afternoon
Board Chairman: Alka Sirohi Madam
Candidate Background: Electronics & Communication BTech.
Job: Working with SBI as a PO

1. Are you sure you will leave SBI if you get EPFO?(repeated this 3 times)
2. what is the most unique feature of Indian constitution
3. article 17
4. how to use the present day buildings covered by glass panels for extracting energy?
5. In a clock showroom why all the clocks show the time 10:10
6. what is the angle between them?
7. what are diamond, ruby and emerald are made up of?
8. what is the chemical name of ruby?

Member 1:
1. what is the basis for organization of states in India?( this question based on candidate's Andhra background which is the first state to be formed on linguistic lines)
2. which committee recommended that?
3. then y still there r demands for new states?
4. can we emulate American model of organizing states(based on geography) and its implications
5.what is the problem with Nagaland insurgency? why is their demand?

Member 2:
1. who invented Google
2. expand HTML
3. expand HTTP and FTP and what is the difference between them
4. what is CACP (w.r.t agriculture)
5. for how many crops will it announce MSP?
6.what is the difference between SAP and EBP?
7.what is PSS (w.r.t agriculture.. I thought he asked PSS instead of PDS)

Member 3:
1. what are negotiable instruments/
2. what is core banking?
3. what is diffence between mergers, acquisitions and takeovers
4. why SBI is trying to merge its subsidiaries
5. under what section in CrPC dishonor of a cheque is criminal offence?
6. which act provides for the above section.

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