IB ACIO Interview 2021


* IAS Interview is not a question and answer session. So one should not answer in quiz format.
* You have to discuss. It is not debate competition or not a seminar speech.
* Interview is mainly biodata centric. Focus is on biodata/DAF.
* News papers play vital role in interview preparation.
* Interview is about what you say and how you say.
* Certainly knowledge plays important role when you are in discussion with good brains but marks are mainly awarded for personality traits like confidence, honesty, intellectual integrity, knowing ground realities and variety and depth of your understanding.
* You must have a trust in the board. Don't have prejudices about board members/chairman.
* They are doing assessment based on answered questions. not from the questions that you have not answered. 
* Do not think about the question that you have not answered.
* Take good interest in answers. Use your best ability.
The easiest question in an interview is the question that you don't know!

Wish you all the best!

Sanjeev Kabeer,
Director, Career Quest Institute for Interview Training, Delhi.
Email: studykit@gmail.com Phone: 09811299811, 09990840999.

(Career Quest provides classes and mock interviews for all interviews including IAS interview.)


Unknown said...

I joined Mains Test Series at Chronicle IAS Academy. Overall quality of questions and evaluation was as per the Civil Services standards.

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Nice description! its really very helpful for those who want to beat IAS exams.many students beat exams but they do not beat its interview so it has good tips for them.thanks for sharing your informative information.

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Interview is a situation where all types of candidates always become afraid. Because candidates think that how will they face it. But such type of blog always becomes helpful for them. From this blog they will get little bit confidence and information about type of questions asked or conditions.
Thanks for this great info.
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It is a good information.
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My friend has beaten the ias exam and qualified for interview. She was looking nervous and thinking about how she will face that condition. Then I told her what I knew from this blog. That thing gives her confidence to face the interview and now she is happy.
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This is good and helpful information. To have all the examination info is very important and it play a big role in examination hall.
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