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Govt Job Interview Preparation: Tips and Guide

Government of India is the largest employer in our country. If we put together all the govt vacancies, it goes in lakhs. So the recruitment process continues throughout the year. 

In our country govt job is considered as one of the best job because of various lucrative factors like job security and wider scope of experience. 

Recruitment process generally includes written test and interview. Interview is actually a personality test, which checks candidate's suitability for the job. 

Nature of the interview depends on the job profile. So not all the govt interviews of same nature. There are minute differences in each interview style. 

A good preparation for this interview is the first important step towards success in govt job. In fact it is like the last lap or punch or stroke in sports tournament.

For the recruitment of the one post generally govt recruitment agencies call 3 candidates for interview. So to have an edge over the two other candidates good preparation is must. 

Some common questions in govt interviews are like:
1. Tell us about yourself
2. Tell us about your family
3. Tell us about your education.
4. What is the meaning of your name? Any special thing about your name.
5. Question about your date of birth (if any special date like 8 March, 5 June, 15 Aug etc.)
6. About your school, college, university.
7. About your extra curricular activities. (Which? How? Why not? etc.)
8. Hobby (Which? How? Use of hobby in this job etc.)
9. Why this graduation?
10. Why are you not doing any job suitable to your education?
11. Why not Post Graduation?
12. Why PG?
13. Use of Graduation subject/ PG subject in this job.
14. Gap in biodata (education etc)
15. Why this job?
16. Are you ready to go anywhere/ any place?
17. Your SWOT analysis.
18. Your goal in life.
19. Why we should select you?

20. Do you read newspaper? Which? Why? Major news?
(Source: Career Quest Institute for Interview Training, Delhi

How to prepare for these interviews?
- Joining a coaching institute is not the compulsory, but if you joined a good institute, it helps a lot. A good coaching institute provides you guidance, motivation, information, feedback and mock interview practice. One or two week of coaching gives you confidence.
- Reading a good newspaper is must. There is no alternative for this.
- Mock interviews plays important role in your preparation. So arrange short duration (say 15 minutes) mock interviews with friends and a teacher. It is very helpful to gain confidence.
- Self mock interview or mirror practice is very crucial for fluency of thoughts and words.
- Read and prepare your graduation/PG subjects. 
- Know the basics of body language. Learn basic etiquette and mannerism. 
- Search govt websites relevant to your job profile.
- Prepare all the points mentioned in your biodata.

Which coaching is good for govt job interviews?
There are many institutes throughout the country which provides classes for govt job interviews. Based on the various students' feedback Career Quest Institute is one of the best coaching for govt job interviews. They provide both classroom and correspondence courses for interview. You can take help of internet to find another institute in your area. 

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