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This is an Interview experience of Mr. Amit, a student of Career Quest Institute For Interview Training, Delhi. We are sharing here for our readers preparing for SBI PO Interview.

SBI PO Interview on 11 October 2014.
Centre - Delhi
Medium - Hindi
GD Topic: Is TV and Internet destroying our reading habits? (We had a good practice of GD at Career Quest. In my group in SBI, everyone was looking at panel. I was looking at candidates. Board appreciated me for this. I learned this because of class.
There were suppose to have 14 candidates in GD, but because of incomplete documents half of the candidates were not allowed to participate in GD and Interview.
We were 2 candidates with Hindi medium, others were having English medium.
Panel of 5 members asked us to speak in our own medium.
They gave us 3 or 4 minutes to think on the topic. After that they gave us 2 minutes to speak individually. Then they gave us more time for general discussion on the topic.
The same board was conducting our interview which conducted our GD.
They asked some questions on the statements/opinions given in GD by candidates.
My Interview was around 15 minutes. They asked me following questions.

- About my home town.
- Family background (Agriculture)
- Types of agriculture.
- Types of irrigation
- Name of RBI Governor
- Functions of RBI
- How can your Engineering background helpful in banking?
- Types of engines.
- About Delhi Metro and functions.
- Questions related to hobby: When you started this? Why? Benefit?
- Benefit of SMART cities?
- Is there any smart city in India?
- Functions of bank in India
- How bank help in economic development?

Most of the questions asked here were expected questions. Mock Interviews and classes at Career Quest taken by Sanjeev Kabeer sir were really good. So I was confident during the interview process.
Interview board was cordial. No grilling. 4 members asked questions in Hindi and one member from South India asked only in English and also asked me to speak English. All were really nice people. Food served by SBI was also good :-)

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