IB ACIO Interview 2021


Tell me about yourself.
Why did you choose this career? 
Tell us about your education?
When did you decide on Banking career? 
Aren’t you over qualified for this position?
How will your professional knowledge be helpful in the Banking career?
Do you have any plans for further education?
Do you have any actual work experience? 
What have you been doing after graduation?
Why are you leaving your current job?
What other career options do you have?
What goals do you have in your career? 
What do you know about banking?
What is a Bank? What is NBFC?
What do you know about SBI? Why are you interested in SBI? 
Why don’t you join some private bank?
How is your professional knowledge useful for SBI?
Why should we select you? 
What will you do if you get a better govt job?
Who is your role model?
Where do you see yourself, five years from now? 
What is your strength? 
What is your weakness?
What are your hobbies?
Tell us about your extracurricular activities.
Will you relocate to another city for job?


Join us to give your best!

23 Aug at 6 pm (Evening batch) and 26 Aug at 10am (Morning batch)

Ph. 09990840999, 09811299811

Who is the Governor of RBI?
Who is head of SBI?
Who are the deputy governors of RBI?
What are the basics of Monetary policy?
What are the functions of RBI?
What are the important products or schemes launched by SBI recently?
What is CBS? 
What is ‘Green Channel’?
What you know about NEFT/RTGS/IMPS
What is a job of PO?
What is Plastic money? Hot money?
What is an ATM?
What is a ATM card/Debit card /Credit card?
What are the types of bank accounts?
What is a fixed deposit? What is RD?
What is subprime crisis? Eurozone crisis?
What is repo rate, reverse repo, bank rate?
What is SLR?
What is CRR?
What is e-commerce?
What is m-commerce?
What is an NPA?
What is SARFAESI Act?
What is Online Banking and Mobile Banking?

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