IB ACIO Interview 2021


Top 100 Common Questions in  IBPS Interview
Prepared by Career Quest Students from their interview experiences.
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1. Introduce / Describe yourself?
2. What is your father’s name & his job profile?
3. Your family background?
4. What are your hobbies and interests?
5. If you will not get success this time then what will you do?
6.  About Your Educational background?
7.  About Your previous achievements?
8.  What is the Job Profile of bank PO?
9.  Why should I hire you?
10.  What do you know about banking?
11.  What is a Bank?
12.  What is Indian Economy?
13.  What is Indian Constitution?
14.  Why do you want to work in the Banking industry?
15.  Why do you want to join Banking sector?
16.  What qualities should one possess be a Bank officer? Do you think you have these qualities?
17.  Tell me about this organization?
18.  Who is the founder of this bank?
19.  When was this bank nationalized?
20.  Who is your ideal or a person who inspired you most?
21.  How will your professional knowledge be helpful in the Banking career?
22.  Do you have any plans for further education?
23.  Your strong and weak points?
24.  As a student of Science/Art/Commerce, why didn’t you go for higher studies?
25.  Newspapers and magazine which you prefer to read? Name the Editor of Newspaper?
26.  Why should we select you?
27.  Why do you want to be an Officer?
28.  Any girlfriend? If not then why?
29.  What is your idea of life?
30.  What is the importance of hobby in our life?
31.  What have you done if you face different language situation in future?
32.  Why could you not get success yet?
33.  Have you been cleared any exam before it?
34.  If you don’t get final selection in this examination to what would you do?
35.  Why don’t you join your family business?
36.  Do you handle pressure well?
37.  Do you have any location preferences?
37. Career Quest Institute for Interview Training
38.  Your ideal person, leader, party and why?
39.  Does anybody serve in the banking industry from your family? If yes then who they are and in which bank they are serving?
40.  Who is the Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?
41.  Why do you want to join banking sector?
42.  What are the basics of Monetary policy?
43.  What are the functions of RBI?
44.  Differences Between Clerk and PO
45.  The difference between Check and Draft?
46.  What is overdraft?
47.  Difference between debit card and credit card
48.  What is ‘Green Channel’?
49.  Best General Knowledge Books for IBPS Exam.
50.  What do you understand by KYC?
51.  Any Ideas to improve Banking service?
52.  What is Plastic currency?
53.  What is an ATM?
54.  What is a Debit card & a Credit card?
55.  Different types of A/Cs and their features?
56.  NABARD and its role.
57.  What is a fixed deposit? (min and max periods for the same.)
58.  What is a gift card?
59.  What is CBS?
60.  Does CORE stand for?
61.  What is Dubai Crisis?
62.  What is the subprime crisis?
63.  What is repo rate?
64.  What is Reverse Repo?
65.  What is Bank rate?
66.  What is SLR?
67.  What is CRR?
68.  What is CBS (Core Banking Solution)?
69.  What is ABSA account?
70.  What is prime lending rate?

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Aparna (IBPS,PO/MT-V)

Central Bank of India

71.  What is e-commerce?
72.  What is m-commerce?
73.  What is marketing?
75.  What are NBFCs?
76.  About Online Banking?
77.  About Mobile Banking?
78.  CBS, SWIFT, IMPS ,NEFT, RTGS. What are their full forms, features, and benefits?
79.  What are main points that make you better banker than people sitting outside?
80. What are the essential products or schemes launched by various banks recently?
81.  How is your professional knowledge going to be useful for the bank?
82. What is ATM? And how is it different from White Label ATM?
 Who are our major competitors and what differences do you notice in our Bankings products?
83. Who is the founder of this bank?
84. As a student of Science/Art/Commerce, why didn’t you go for higher studies?
85. What is your idea of life?
86. What is ‘Green Channel’?
87. Any Ideas to improve Banking service?
88. What is a gift card?
89.  What is Call money rate?
90. Why don’t you join your father’s business ?
91. What is Sensex and how it is calculated
92. What is CP ?
93. What are various services provided by a commercial bank ?
94. What are various investments under section 80(C) of Income Tax act
95. What was the purpose of setting up NABARD
96. What are Derivatives ?
97. What is Call option and Put option ?
98. Bull and Bear market
99. What is demonitisation and its impact on Indian economy?
100. How GST will boost economy?

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