IB ACIO Interview 2021

IB Security Assistant Interview 2019 Questions

Intelligence Bureau (IB) Assistant Interview 2019:
Most Expected 20 Questions: By Career Quest Experts:

1. What is an intelligence? How is it different from information?
2. How you can collect intelligence?
3. What is happening in Jammu & Kashmir?
4. Why Ladakh made Union Territory by Govt?
5. What is Naxalism? Are you aware about term 'Urban Naxal'?
6. What is Art 370? What is Art 35A?
7. What is communalism?
8. What is Mobocracy? Is it a problem?
9. How we can control lynching cases?
10. What you think about stiffer fines (Motor Vehicle related)
11. What is Triple Talaq?
12. In which states elections are being conducted?
13. Why you want to join IB?
14. Are you ready to work in difficult situations?
15. How you can use your educational background in IB?
16. Tell us about your family and education
17. Why gap years?
18. What is your Hobby? How you can use it for IB?
19. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
20. Why we should select you?

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